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Nov 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
that something is wrong with what is supposed to be our two party system? that does the for us tonight. now time for "up late with alex baldwin." have of a great weekend. good night. >> thank you, rachel. tonight i want you to meet two women who inspire me with their work on the front lines of two crucial battles being waged in this country. the fight to end homelessness and to defend the rights of undocumented workers. for two weeks now, president obama has been pushing congress, when heap says congress, you should hear house republicans, to pass a comprehensive immigration bill like the one democrats and republicans already passed in the senate. the president says he wants it done this year. >> it's good for our economy. it's good for our national security. it's good for our people. and weep shou should do it this? >> after alleysrallies around t country. they came on board with comprehensive immigration reform. this year the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants. either way, while the battle over immigration reform plays out in washington, out inment rest -- out in the rest of the count
Nov 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
, that humane impulse, engulfed a major u.s. city this afternoon. that its the best new thing in the world today. oh, my god is it. that does it for us tonight. have a great weekend. good night. >>> msnbc takes you behind the walls of america's most notorious prisons into a world of chaos and danger. now the scenes you have never seen. "lockup raw." in prison it is said you can do the time or let the time do you. >> i went ballistic, a little bit insane. >> you have guys in here, 17, 18 years old. their puberty is just now coming. they have a lot of tension. a lot of energy. locked up since 15. that frustrates these dudes. >> on a good day, too much idle time can invite mischief. >> there is a lot of sex in prison. >> they will masturbate. curse you out. call you names. >> idle hand is the devil's playground. >> on a bad day, too much time can lead to mayhem. >> i am making a weapon right now. melting this plastic down into a shape. >> there was a slashing over in badger section. involved hispanics. >> i got into an altercation with my bunky. i ended up stabbing him. >> i found two razors thechl
Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
's time for "up late with alex baldwin." have a great time. stay with us. >>> thank you, rachel. i have been looking forward to this since before we even launched the show. tonight i'll talk with two men who contributed to a singular work of art 45 years ago that still moves a film audience to this day and change the way we think about the world, our place in it and our place beyond it. every actor, myself included, spends their career striving to make one movie, just one, that achieves true immortality. i love stanley cooper's 2001 "space odyssey" because the people who made it aspire to greatness, just the way it looked established a new benchmark for the wart form, the sterile beauty created by anthony masters,er earnest lang and their crew. steven spielberg called it the big bang that inspired my generation's race to space, the library of congress selected it for preservation in the national film registry. the american film institute ranked it the 15th greatest film of the last 100 years and it was named one of the 45 great films ever made by the vatican. 2001 showed us in perhaps t
Nov 22, 2013 7:00pm PST
with you? and that's something i've gotten used to. every time we go out, you always get so much attention. >> your eyes trip me out, man, every time. >> every time? everybody's like -- >> it does it trips me out, like for real. >> doesn't that drive you crazy? >> nope. >> no, not at all. >> don't you know who i am? >> your first impression when you saw him? >> i wasn't too impressed. i heard about the eyes. i've never seen the show before. i had to actually look it up. and i'm not sure that i would do something like that, nor would i want my children to, but it's unique, for sure. it's grown on me. he's like a cupid. >> yeah, i get a lot of questions about it, really. >> boltjes says he has been to the optometrist since leaving prison and reports no problems with his vision. and even though the color has faded a bit over the past few years, he's not sure if he will tattoo them again. either way, he is sure of one thing, if he does color them again, it won't be in the prison. >> what i learned from being in prison is there's a better life away from the criminal life. the enjoyment of life,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)